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Air Tech is pleased to offer financing to our customers through Lendmark and OneMain Financial!  Read answers to frequently asked questions about our financing options below, or contact us for details.

Lendmark Financial Services

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HVAC Financing Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for financing?

To apply through Lendmark, you would need to stop by our office and complete an application which we submit for you.  Turn around time is usually within 24 hours.

For OneMain Financial, you can click here and apply directly with them (also about a 1-hr turn-around time). 

What type of interest rates should I expect?

Lendmark offers 0% same as cash for 3 months, 1% same as cash for 6 months, and a 2% same as cash for 12 months along with up to 60 months financing with a 21.99% rate.

One Main Financing is able to provide quick loan decisions, same day loan closings and funding. They work with customers to find a personalized solution that fits their budget and needs.

Do I have to apply before I request a quote from you, or do I have to get a quote first so I know how much money I need?

We would suggest that you get a estimate from Air Tech before applying, however both companies offer financing for other needs besides our services so if additional funding is necessary you could reach out to them before hand.

Can I pay for part of your services and only finance a % of the bill, or do I need to finance the entire thing if I do it at all? 

We do accept cash/checks/ credit cards and you are able to finance the difference. We will do our best to work with the customer to meet their needs as we are aware that a HVAC system is usually a unexpected expense that customers are not normally prepared to pay for out of pocket.