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Property Managers

HVAC Services for Property Managers

Apartment BuildingProperty managers have unique needs when it comes to heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair, and that’s why they need a HVAC contractor who understands those needs and has plans specifically tailored for them.

Luckily for property managers in the New River Valley, Air Tech is that contractor!

We have many property management clients in the area who we have worked with for years, and they love our low prices and reliable service that helps them keep their bank accounts full and their tenants happy. 

“They're reliable. We have 14 rental properties and I've had several times where the heat would go out at 10:30, 11:00 at night, and they were there early and quickly the next day to help keep my tenants happy. So, they've done a really good job of being accommodating to meet the needs of their customers.”  -- Rodney Quesenberry

HVAC Maintenance Plans for Property Managers

Our maintenance plans for property managers cover everything that they need to keep the heating and air conditioning units in their tenant’s buildings running smoothly, including:

  • Quarterly filter changes in all buildings
  • Heavily discounted change-outs when units need to be replaced
  • Discounted hourly labor rates for regular and overtime work
  • Emergency call-out services

The property managers we work with especially value the quarterly filter changes, because it is a key preventative maintenance item that stops problems like weak airflow, frozen coils, and more.  They simply don’t have the manpower to get it done themselves, so they appreciate having a trusted contractor that ensures that gets done on schedule.