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General Contractors

HVAC Services for General Contractors

Construction SiteWhen general contractors such as home builders use subcontractors for specialized services like HVAC installation, they put their own reputation in the hands of the subcontractor. 

If the subcontractor is not up to the task, it can set the entire project back days or weeks and cut into the profit of the contractor. 

For over a decade, Air Tech has been a trusted, reliable subcontractor for several general contractors in the New River Valley. 

“Lee showed up and he did exactly what we discussed, and he was very reasonably priced.”—Jesse Blake

The reasons they use our services year after year are simple:

  • Unlike other subcontractors, we show up on time to keep the project running on time.
  • We are schedule-oriented, and will work with the contractor’s schedule so that they can coordinate work with other subcontractors participating in the project
  • Or employees are clean-cut, professional, and clean up after themselves on a job site
  • Our lowest-in-the-area prices help them keep their profit margins high while still keeping their own prices competitive.
  • In addition to honoring standard manufacturers warranties, we offer extended labor warranties so that the general contractor’s clients can get free repairs in certain circumstances
  • Beyond the initial installation, we are available for use as a subcontractor for HVAC maintenance contracts which general contractors can use as another profit center to increase the lifetime value of a customer.

At the end of the day (and for that matter, any other time of the day), general contractors want the subcontractors they use to reflect well on their brand.

They want them to be clean-cut, professional, and courteous, and treat the general contractor’s customers as if they were their own customers.

Air Tech understands this well, and that’s why we’re a top choice as an HVAC subcontractor in the area.