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Radford Heating & Air Conditioning

Air Tech is a top-rated provider of heating and air conditioning services to the city of Radford and the surrounding areas.  We are a family business that provides personal, friendly service to our hundreds of commercial and residential HVAC customers in the New River Valley.

Lee Brown, our owner and founder, got started in the HVAC business as an employee of his uncle's company, and now he is passing on the legacy to two of his sons who work for Air Tech.  His wife Chasity is the office manager, so it truly is a family business.

What sets Air Tech apart from other HVAC companies in Radford is our best price guarantee, in which we promise that we will match or beat the price of any competitor for any regular-priced service (i.e., not a special sale or limited-time offer).  So, if you'd like to get quality service at the best possible price, contact our office today to request a quote!

Air Conditioning Service in Radford

With an average high temperature of nearly 85 degrees in summer and humidity levels that describes as "muggy, oppressive, or miserable", residents of Radford depend on their air conditioning to keep them comfortable in the warmer months of the year.  When the AC stops working in hot weather, it can not only be uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous to young children, the elderly, and the sick. 

Air Tech has over a decade of experience servicing and installing all major brands of air conditioners and heat pumps, including Trane, Carrier, York, Ducane, American Standard, and Armstrong Air. 

Whether you need to replace an aging air conditioner or install an air conditioner in a new home or commercial building, we can help you.  We even have financing available to help you pay for it.

Change Out Special

If you have an older home in Radford that does not have ducts in place for a traditional  HVAC system, one possible solution that would allow you to still have a climate-controlled home is a ductless mini-split unit.  These smaller-sized units do not require any ductwork, they're easy to install, and when it comes to cooling or heating a small area, they are very efficient and cost-effective to operate.  We can help you determine if a ductless mini-split unit would be a good option for your situation. 

Heating Services for Radford

Radford winters might be considered mild by some standards, but daily high temperatures are still regularly below 45 degrees and occasionally get down into the teens and twenties.  If your furnace, heat pump, or boiler is not working properly, it can quickly become very uncomfortable and also lead to property damage caused by frozen pipes or other issues. 

In addition, older furnaces or boilers are not very efficient and costs to operate them can be quite high.  By replacing an older unit with a newer energy-efficient unit, you can save hundreds of dollars or more a year on your energy bill.  If a complete replacement is not in the budget for you, we may be able to retrofit an older unit to improve its performance and still help you save money. 

Gas Log Fireplace Installation in Radford

Gas log installationIn addition to servicing and installing traditional heating sources like boilers and furnaces, Air Tech also services and installs gas log fireplaces, which can be an excellent backup or supplemental heat source.  Not only do gas log fireplaces add to the ambiance of a room, they also can effectively heat a single room, allowing you to keep your central heat turned off during mild weather in the spring and fall. 

As a dealer for Monessen, one of the leading makers of gas logs and stoves, Air Tech can install both ventless and vented gas log fireplaces.  If you are a resident of Radford or the surrounding area and you are interested in getting a gas log fireplace installed, or are having issues with an existing fireplace, contact us today.  We can also help you replace a traditional wood-burning fireplace with a gas log fireplace.

Radford Home Air Filtration and Humidifier Services

Air Tech doesn't just help our customers in Radford keep the air in their homes at a comfortable temperature.  We also help them make it healthier to breath with whole home air filters and air purifiers, and keep it a comfortable humidity level with whole home humidifiers.

For air filtration/purification, we offer two options--HEPA filters and HALO UV light air purifiers.  These can be used independently of each other or together. 

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arresting) filters are certified by the Department of Energy to remove over 99% of particles with a size larger than .3 microns.  They can be installed in your duct work and replaced just once or twice a year, and greatly improve the quality of air in your home. 

Our option for air purification, HALO UV light air purifiers, integrate with your current HVAC system and operate quietly in the background.  They are effective against the three main types of indoor air pollutants--gases, microbials, and particulates. 

Finally, for regulating humidity levels, we offer whole home humidifiers from Aprilaire. 

These humidifiers are connected to your home's water supply, and take a portion of the air that runs through your furnace and exposes it to water using one of several methods such as moisture pads, steaming systems, or rotating drums. The water moistens the air, which then goes back into the duct system to join the air being run through the furnace. 

If you find yourself dealing with dry itchy skin during the winter, a whole house humidifier can definitely help make you more comfortable.  It also reduces the chance of catching a cold or the flu, since viruses can't survive as long outside the body in moist air.  Finally, since moist air feels warmer than dry air, having a humidifier can help you reduce your energy bill during the colder months.