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Generator Special Offer: 100 Free Gallons of Propane

Generator Special Offer: 100 Free Gallons of Propane

Propane Tank

Propane TankWith our area being impacted by two major hurricanes this year, both of which resulted in some local power outages, many people have expressed interest in our home backup generators.

Just in case the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll still have power at your home after a natural disaster or emergency isn’t enough to get you to take the plunge and purchase a generator, we now have a limited-time special offer that should make the decision an easy one.

Here’s the offer:

Get 100 FREE gallons of propane with the purchase of a new generator–a value of $250!

And here’s the “fine print” (yes, there’s always fine print):

  • The free gallons of propane will be provided by Tickle Oil
  • You must own your own propane tank or have a tank provided by Tickle Oil or through Air Tech to take advantage of the offer (i.e., Tickle Oil cannot fill propane tanks owned by another company).
  • If you can’t take advantage of the offer due to the reasons specified above, you can elect to have a $250 deduction applied to the cost of a generator instead.

That’s it!  This is a limited-time only offer starting in October 2018, so depending on when you are reading this we may or may not still be offering this discount.  However, it never hurts to ask, so definitely mention this promotion when you contact us to request a quote for our generator services.