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Community Involvement

God's Pit Crew LogoAir Tech owners Lee and Chasity believe that if individuals or companies are blessed with success, it is their duty to pay it forward to help people who are less fortunate or who have experienced some type of hardship.  That’s why, starting several years ago, they got involved with God’s Pit Crew, a non-profit, faith-based crisis response team that helps people recovering from natural disasters.

Founded in 1999, God’s Pit Crew has responded to over 99 major disasters in 25 states and 11 countries. Their efforts include building and furnishing homes to families whose houses have been destroyed, and renovating churches and children’s homes.  They also collect and distribute relief supplies to individuals and agencies. 

God's Pit Crew with Air Tech Van

Air Tech first became involved with God’s Pit Crew in 2015 when Lee was driving down the road and heard an appeal on the radio for help with a major relief effort.  He felt called to respond, and before he knew it he and three of his employees were on their way to Mississippi with a load of donated supplies and HVAC equipment.  They spent a weekend completing projects before returning to Virginia.

In 2017, Air Tech responded once again after Hurricane Irma hit Florida with devastating force.  Lee and employees Logan Brown and Ron Potter travelled to Flordia to install a heat pump at a church that had been damaged by the hurricane.

God's Pit Crew

Air Tech is currently in the process of becoming a collection point in the New River Valley for donations of relief supplies for God’s Pit Crew.  They will also continue to provide support for projects related to HVAC on an as-needed basis.

God's Pit Crew