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Blacksburg Heating & Air Conditioning

Air Tech is proud to provide a variety of HVAC services to the Blacksburg, Virginia community.  Since our humble beginnings in 2002, we've grown to serve hundreds of commercial and residential customers in Blacksburg and throughout the New River Valley.

Our founder, Lee Brown, learned the HVAC trade working in his uncle's business, and now he is passing on the legacy to two of his sons who work with Air Tech.  His wife Chasity serves as the office manager, making it a true family business.

We are known in the New River Valley for our best price guarantee and our personal, friendly service.  Request a quote today to find out why hundreds of customers in the region partner with Air Tech for their heating and air conditioning service!

Air Conditioning Service in Blacksburg

With an average temperature in the spring and summer months of 74 degrees, Blacksburg residents depend on their air conditioners to keep conditions comfortable during that time.

Luckily, Air Tech has years of experience installing and maintaining air conditioners from all major brands, including York, Trane, Carrier, American Standard, Ducane, and Armstrong Air. 

We can handle new construction installation or change-outs of air conditioners in an existing residence, as well as repairs.  Financing is available for those who need it.

In addition to traditional air conditioners, we can also install and service the ductless mini-split units that have become very popular in recent years.  These units have several advantages, including smaller size, easier installation, and the ability to set different temperatures in different rooms of the house.  Contact us to find out if one of these units is right for your situation.

Heating Services for Blacksburg

Although winters are usually pretty mild in the New River Valley, daily high temperatures still get down into the 30s and 40s on a regular basis, and can occasionally plummet into the teens.  Our customers in the region depend on our services to keep their heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces running through the winter. 

We can also replace aging furnaces or boilers with a new unit that is much more energy efficient, helping you save hundreds of dollars or more annually on your heating bill.  In addition, in some cases we can retrofit older units to give you some of the increased efficiency without the expense of replacing the unit.

Gas Log Fireplace Installation in Blacksburg

Gas log fireplaces and stoves are an excellent supplement to a home's furnace, boiler, or heat pump.  They can effectively heat one room of a home, saving you from having to turn on your central heat during mile fall and spring months.  They are also a great backup source of heat during a short power outage, and can increase the value of your home.

Air Tech services and installs both ventless and vented gas log fireplaces.  We are a dealer for Monessen, one of the leading manufacturers of gas logs, gas stoves, and gas fireplaces.

If you live in the Blacksburg area and you're interested in installing a gas log fireplace in your home or replacing a traditional wood-burning fireplace with a gas log fireplace, contact us for more information. 

Also, if you are having difficulty with your current gas logs, we can help you troubleshoot the problem and give you a quote on repairs. 

Blacksburg Air Filtration Services

For NRV-area residents interested in improving the air quality in their homes, Air Tech offers two popular and cost-effective solutions--whole house HEPA filters and HALO UV light air purifiers.

A HEPA filter (which stands for high-efficiency particulate arresting filter) is an air filter certified by the Department of Energy to filter out 99.97% of particles that have a size greater-than-or-equal-to 0.3 microns.  Whole-house HEPA filters are installed in your duct work and only need to be replaced once or twice a year.

HALO UV light air purifiers, on the other hand, are effective against particulates, microbials, and gases--the three main categories of indoor air pollutants.  They integrate with your current HVAC system and operate silently in the background.

Air Tech can help you with either or both of these air purification solutions for your home.